The Last Snow (A 10 Minute Write-up)

The last snow flake touched her skin. It was cold. It was wet. She looked up to see the sun. It had emerged from the middle of the clouds. She could see the yellow circle, almost white, its brightness burning her eyes. The warmth from the sun was indeed warm and she could feel it. She smiled. A single drop of tear came out of her left eye and made its way down her cheek. She liked the sun but missed the snow. The cold, white snow. How she loved making snowman in the snow and how she liked playing in the snow with him. He was her brother, her closest friend. He never let her down. But he had been gone for five years and she didn’t know why. She had searched for him through heaven and hell and across the seas but could not find him. And today she stood in the park with the last snow flake melting on her cheek. She closed her eyes to feel the coldness of the snowflake. It was cold but it felt warm. 

She opened her eyes and across the park there he was, her brother standing there. He looked the same, except for the beard that he had grown. She wanted to ask him where he had gone, but no words came out of her mouth. He just looked at her and slowly walked towards her. He hugged her. It had been years but he still remembered it like it was yesterday. He glanced at her face but he couldn’t utter a word. She looked the same and he remembered how he missed her, how he had gone to the beach with her, how they made sand castles and how they laughed.


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