She left him, without saying goodbye

He loved her. She loved him back. They met in highschool, and soon became a couple, just like the other couples they knew.It was a beautiful adventure, which they both enjoyed. They made promises, big and small, which they intended to keep, for no force known to mankind could stop them, and in god they didn’t believe. They laughed, they cried, together, never feeling sad. But nothing lasts forever, and things soon became bad.

He loved her. She annoyed him a little, but he loved her still. He annoyed her too, but she still loved him to the fullest. They loved each other but the doubt had been planted. Soon it happened, they fought, they argued. They let their heart out. They spoke without holding back and they heard each other out. After hearing her out word for word, he couldn’t take it anymore. He got down on his knees and proposed. She accepted. What a crazy, twisted world.

They were soon to be married, their joy renewed. They had plans for the future, both long and short. He was happy and she was happy and everything seemed fine. But then she left him, without saying goodbye.

He was devastated, he didn’t know what he had done wrong. He searched for her everywhere, his beautiful future bride. But he couldn’t find her, or apologise for the things he didn’t know he had done. Life went on, he forgot how they were happy, how they planned the future. All he could remember was she left him, without saying goodbye.


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