Coffee Shop Love

Helena looked out of the window of the coffee shop. It was a beautiful evening, she thought, and the gentle sunlight illuminating her face seemed to agree with her. She took a sip of the black coffee she had ordered. The warmth of the coffee blended in perfectly with the warm sunlight, she felt so, as she put the white cup back on the table.

“Its just like that day.”, she said,”The day we first met, Peter.”

She took another sip of the coffee. It made her feel good, just like the memories of that day. Ten years ago, she was right here at this very coffee shop. Her friend had set her up for a blind date, to which she had reluctantly agreed. She was just twenty then, and little did she know that this date would change her life forever. She didn’t even want to go on this date. She had dressed casually, just like any other day, and hadn’t given much thought to how she looked, because she didn’t think it would be anything special. But the moment he walked in, she realised she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Helena took another sip of her coffee. “Oh, how amazing you looked that day!”, she said, as she recollected the memories of the stranger that walked into the coffee shop, the blind date she was waiting for. His hair was neither properly combed, nor was it a total mess, but it seemed to perfectly suit him. He was wearing blue denim pants and a red shirt, with a black jacket over it. He looked amazing, and it was then that she felt guilty for the way she looked. She was wearing black leggings, and a brown sweater thaf she thought was too big for her.

He had waved at her. She had raised her hand to wave back at him. Thats when she had remembered she had pulled the sleeves of her sweater to her finger tips, a silly habit of hers. She had quickly pulled her hand down, feeling embarrassed. He sat down in front of her, and they introduced themselves. He ordered for a simple black coffee, while she had ordered a mocha for herself. She had apologised for the mess she looked, and to this he had replied that he found it cute. It was at that moment she she had realised something. She was wearing glasses, and he probably needed a pair too. Secondly, she liked him, and probably he liked her too.

Helena brought herself to the present to drink her coffee again, and then she continued to remember the days that followed. They got closer after that, and there were more dates. Soon they fell in love and were a couple. They laughed, they cried, they loved, always together. The very next year, Peter had taken her back to this coffee shop, and after ordering his black coffee and her mocha like usual, got down on his knees and proposed her to marry him.

“It was the best day of my life.”, she said, as she took another sip.

They had gotten married a month later, and everything was fine. There were good times and hard times, but it was alright. They were happy together and their life was perfect. Their life got busy with jobs and family, but they came to this coffee shop at least once every year. It was the place where it had all begun afterall. It had become a sort of a tradition for them to come here together. A place of memories, to make more memories.

“Those were wonderful times, Peter.” Helena said, putting the empty cup down. She had finished the black coffee. She sat there, gazing out the window, her eyes set on the clear evening sky.

The shopowner took the young widow’s white cup away as she sat there gazing out the window. It had been seven years since Helena lost her husband, but she had upheld their tradition. She came to the coffee shop every year, and talked to herself, her life empty like the coffee cup.


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