Life is not a Fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a young boy. One day, while travelling through the woods, he saw a beautiful girl. It was love at first sight….

“Yeah, right.”, the old man said, as he closed the book he was reading. It was a love story, a fairy tale, one that his mother probably read to him when he was a child. He could not remember. Afterall, he was sixty one years old. Those days were far gone, and so was his mother.

“Life is not a fairy tale. Love at first sight is a lie.”, he muttered, as he put the book back in the shelf, from where it had come.

He sat down in his chair, and sank into its comfort. Love at first sight. It was a romantic thought, he knew, but a lie non the less. He was no senile old man that argued with everything. He was just an old man who had experienced love and life.

“Maybe there is attraction at first sight.”, he said, looking at the bookshelf. No, he knew, there is attraction at first sight. That’s where everything starts. If there was no attraction, who would even bother to talk, let alone fall in love. This he knew, for he had experienced it himself, back in his youth, back when he still believed in love at first sight.

He remembered the first girl he was attracted to. It was back in middle school. He was just a goofy, unattractive fifteen year old then, and she was the most beautiful girl in class. He thought it was love at first sight, he had found his soulmate, but soon realised she hadn’t. He was sad, the girl he liked was perfect, and she didn’t even know he existed, nor could she be even bothered to find out. It was frustrating, but life went on. He started to notice the flawsin her, to which he had been blind so far. Soon he realised it was not love, just an attraction, and moved on.

When he was twenty-two, he was in a relationship. She was beautiful, and had long, beautiful hair, which he adored. They had met a year before, and slowly grown closer, and he liked everything about her. Sure there were flaws in her, but by now he had realised nobody was perfect, and learned to accept them the way they were. Life went on, and he even thought of marrying her. But after three years, it wasn’t the same. He loved her, she didn’t anymore. He had loved her, it was love no doubt, and for awhile she loved him too. He thought she was the one, but apparently she was not. They walked away, familiar strangers. He was heartbroken after that. Life wasn’t always filled with happiness but it moved on. He had learned his lesson, something he remembered to this day.

“Life is not a fairy tale. Love at first sight does not exist. You don’t find the one right off the bat either. There is no happily ever after.”, the old man yelled, as he woke up from his sleep. He had dozed off in his chair. He readjusted his posture, and noticed the blanket covering him.

“You might not find the one at once, but eventually you do. There might be no happily ever after, but there are always moments of joy.”, said a familiar voice.

The old man turned to face the voice, and saw a beautiful, old woman, who was his wife for the past thirty years. She was standing there pouring tea for the two of them. He remembered how they had met, it was unexpected. He liked her, and soon found out she liked him too. She was not perfect, neither was he. He found beauty in her flaws, which he had accepted. They fell in love soon after, and got married the following year. Life was not always wonderful with her, but they had never let each other go. They had managed to stick together and pull through the hard times, and now they were here. She had been the one for him, and he had been the one for her. He smiled.
“Life might not be a fairy tale,” the old man said, receiving the cup of tea from his wife, “But it sure is a beautiful story.”


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