No Backup

“Its always good to have a backup.” Richard said, tossing a coin. “Everything has a backup. It will help you actually succeed, unlike prayers. “, he preached, as the coin landed on the table.

His friends nodded in agreement. No, they were not really his friends. Richard just viewed them as an accessory, a bunch of people he liked to hang out with. He wasn’t attached to them, nor was he addicted to them. If they left him, he had another bunch like them ready. After all, he was a man who felt the need to have backup for everything.

“Sir, here is the bill.”, the waiter put the bill on the table.

“Richie, I guess its your turn to pay.”, one of his ‘friends’ asked.

“Sure.”, Richie replied as he opened his wallet. There was not enough cash in it. It barely covered half the payment. 

Richard sighed.

Richard Symphony Palmer, better known as Richie among his peers, was a man who had a backup for everything. He was ready for any situation, and if they fell apart, he was ready for that too, as if he was expecting it. You could call him a pessimist for this, but he was simply obsessed with backup.

This obsession started back when he was in primary school, where he was a great and hardworking student, but one day had been punished severely for failing to submit an assignment because his notebook got torn. Ever since then he started having a backup. It made him feel safe. There was a running joke among his peers that even his backup had a backup. Nobody knows if this is true, but no one dared to say it to his face because Richie had always managed to overcome his obstacle and succeed due to his obsession with backup.

“Not enough cash, Richie?,” one of the ‘friends’ asked. 

“Yeah.”, Richie said in a small voice. “Good thing I always have a backup plan.” he said, as he handed the waiter his credit card.

“Its always good to have a plan B.”, he said with a grin. The whole table burst into laughter.

Their laughter was brought to an abrupt halt by the ringing of his phone. He answered the call, still smiling, tossing a coin into the air. However, before the coin could touch the ground, Richie was out of the restaurant dashing towards the nearest bus stop.

That call came an hour ago. He was standing in front of the reception in the hospital ten minutes ago. Right now, he was standing outside the ICU.

“Please God, let her live.”, he prayed for the first time in his mature life, as Richard the man who wholeheartedly believed in backups and plan Bs, realised he had no backup ready to replace his mother.

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A Heaven for Me…

Hello there! Wait, were you expecting another story? Well, I will have to apologize, I thought I would try something different today. I guess you could call this a story, but its more of my imagination. Actually all of my fictional stories are imaginations. So you could call this a story too, I guess. I don’t know. The difference is that this is not based around an imaginary character, but rather the real me. So, sorry if I bore you, and without further delay, I would like to share with you (If you haven’t guessed it from the title by now) what my version of heaven would be like.

First of all, the heaven I am referring to is not one of those described in those religious texts or anything. Well, you could say the concept is similar, so to keep it simple, its a good place that I want to be in after I die and hell is the bad place. Good how? Well let me tell you. All the people I care about would be there and they would all get along and have a smile on their face. Friends, families, even the little Husky puppy that I never had, they would all be there. (It sounds like I am wishing for all my friends and family to die, but this is just an imagination. Besides, I am sending them all to heaven. So, its a fair deal I guess?)

When I was little, I wished to never see anyone I cared about die. That wish could never be granted, given the cycle of birth and death. As I grew older, I made a lot of friends, some closer and more precious than the others. I don’t know how much I matter to them (I don’t want to find out either.) but all of them mean alot to me. So, they would all be there in my heaven. Actually, I don’t want to see them die. So, I wish to die before them, and be there to welcome them into heaven. My family would be there too, and that’s obvious. (It is my heaven after all.)

But what if I don’t get my own heaven? What if I couldn’t be with them in heaven? What if they are all sent to hell? Then I would gladly go to hell and do my best to make them happy, as much as I could. What if only some of them were sent to hell? I would go visit them, as much as I could. And what if I alone was sent to hell? (Apparently, there’s a special seat for me booked in hell, called the throne.) Would I wish for them to be with me? Of course not. I don’t care if I have to be alone,  as long as I can see them smile. Honestly, being lonely scares me, but seeing the people I care about drowning in sadness, scares me a lot more.

So, a heaven for me, I imagine, is any place where the people I care about are happy and smiling, whether it involves me, or I am there just as a spectator. (I would prefer if it involved me, in all honesty.)

What if there is no life after death, you ask? What would happen to my heaven then? Well, if I am being completely honest with you, I have already experienced my heaven, whenever I am with the people I love, one moment at a time, and I wish to continue to do so, in whatever happens in my future.